First Day of YTT


I was so nervous of what to expect starting ytt.. but the first day went great ! there’s about 15-20 people in the group. mostly girls & a couple of guys.

Sitting in the lobby waiting for it to start seemed awkward- it was a group of strangers that I knew I would soon be spending many hours with but I looked around curiously waiting to meet everyone & hear their story.

We spent about an hour going over course requirements, video projects, & basically an overview of the schedule, curriculum & program- at that point I finally felt comfortable & knew I was right where I was meant to be !

The introductions people gave were crazy yet inspiring ! Some girls were from Argentina, Venezuela, & NYC. They literally packed up their belongings & put their life on hold to move to Miami Beach to be apart of the training for the next 6 months. That showed such tremendous dedication & I realized how lucky I was to be able to walk a block from my condo to be there.

Kino led the course for the next few hours & we dissected Sun Salutation A piece by piece, which is basically where every beginner starts. It was so cool to get a fresh perspective of the practice by thinking from a teacher’s point of view & to get back into the frame of mind of being a total beginner- how can you put the seemingly easy pose of downward dog into a verbal explanation – not as easy as it sounds !

Overall it was a successful first day ! & I’m looking forward to it now more than ever ! I have an intense weekend schedule with training from 9-6 tonight & all day saturday & sunday ! unfortunately ill be missing a day to attend a wedding in Marco Island but i know..


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