Perfectly Pretty Protein Pancakes !

Breakfast is Served.  In under 15 minutes? I’ll take it-

this recipe is ALL over the internet with hundreds of variations ! but i try to keep it simple, quick, & easy in my kitchen ! when food is concerned- less is usually more !

i love pancakes ! i could eat stacks & stacks ! but there not so great for the waistline-

i was thrilled to find i could combine the comforting tastes of pancakes with a healthier alternative

5 simple ingredients:


< 1/2 smashed banana.  1 TSP of cinnamon. 1 TBSP flax seeds. 1/4 cup of egg whites. 1 cup vegan sun warrior protein powder > **if the consistency seems off add unsweetened vanilla almond milk

next, mix & blend together- i make this step super easy by throwing everything into my vitamix !

this is what they should look like while on the stove: < i felt cooking spray makes them stick too much so midway through i added organic butter to cook them>


wait until you see bubbles forming <just like regular pancakes > then flip them !


i added sliced bananas & syrup ! MAKE SURE to swap your old aunt jemima syrup for Organic 100% Pure, Grade A, Maple Syrup- Dark Amber !

these are some of the recipes that inspired me: here , here , & here

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