Drop Backs In Ashtanga Yoga

one of my newest yoga accomplishments has been dropping back & standing up.

here are a few tips: 

– start with feet hips distance apart

– inhale up & lengthen your back. slowly lower down

– I find it easiest to hold behind my thighs to remind myself to push my hips as forward as possible. this helps me from relying completely on my lower back.

– coming up is still a little challenging for me- so I usually rock front & back for momentum- because of this I don’t have the most stable ending- all of the strength from rocking usually adds a little hop at the end- but thats ok.

– last thing to come up is your head- your eyes direct where your body moves so look up & keep your gaze up

– most IMPORTANTLY.  erase your fear. the mind is a tricky thing- I used to be scared but even if you fall- your hands will stop you.

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